Cerium Energy’s – Solar Savings Guarantee

“Cerium Energy is excited to offer a special promotion for customers considering purchasing a solar system. For the first 12 months, we guarantee  savings of up to $800 on your electricity bill.

Purchase a Solar System with us and we Guarantee that you will save at least $800* in the first 12 months. 

We know solar works and are ready to put our money where our mouth is.

It’s time to start your guaranteed savings with Cerium. Nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

 Call us and talk to our friendly staff about a solar system solution to fit your needs.

Solar Savings Guarantee – How it Works

Step 1 – Get a Quote

Using the form below enter in your details to get a property specific obligation free quote. Alternatively you can call us on 03 8322 9999 and speak to one of our friendly solar specialists.

Step 2 – We calculate your Savings Guarantee

Based on your property’s 12 months historical electricity bills we will be able to calculate your guaranteed savings amount up to $800*

Step 3 – We Install your Solar System

Our Local CEC accredited installers will install your solar system so you can start your savings journey

Step 4 – 12 Months Later

If you save less than the savings amount that we guaranteed for your property at the time of your install we will pay you the difference up to $800*.

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Purchase and Install a 6.6 kW System (minimum) with us and we’ll guarantee that you’ll save up to $800* for the first 12 months-and if you don’t, we’ll pay you the difference!

Jinko, Trina, Q Cell, REC Solar Panels 

Goodwe, Sungrow and Fronius Inverters

Secure the Victorian Solar Rebate of $1,400* and Interest Free Solar Vic Loan of $1,400 (paid at $29* per month over 4 Years)

$0 Upfront and Interest Free Finance Options Available 

Cerium Energy is an Approved Solar Retailer with the Clean Energy Council and Approved Seller under NETCC

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Customer Reviews

We are trusted by hundred’s of satisfied customers

Terms and Conditions

New customers in Melbourne metro only, additional costs apply for regional areas
We will provide you with a guaranteed savings amount based on your historical electricity bills up to a maximum value of $800
Purchase and Install at least a 6.6kW system from Cerium Energy 
Savings are based on a customer’s electricity consumption (also called “usage”) charges only, and not daily supply or other fixed charges
If the system is disconnected for reasons outside our control, then the savings will not take account of any electricity consumption while the      system is disconnected
Have the solar system installed at your property by us with panels facing towards the north, east or west, and have certification of electrical safety compliance for the installation provided by Cerium Energy
By submitting a guaranteed savings request, you agree that we may contact your energy retailer to validate usage, rates, terms and conditions, and in doing so may have to disclose your name and/or installation street address. Any collection, use or disclosure of your personal information will occur in accordance with our Privacy Policy
Last 12 month average bills must be between $100-$250 per month (Victoria’s monthly average usage is $107.50). For smaller or larger bills get in touch and we will advise of the guaranteed saving amount you are eligible for 

You are required to

Properly operate and maintain the solar system in accordance with industry standards, and make every effort to ensure that the system is functioning at all times
Inform us of any faults, defects or issues with the solar system within 3 business days and take appropriate action to repair or rectify them promptly
Take necessary steps to increase the generation of electricity by the solar system and maximize its exposure to sunlight, including trimming trees, bushes and hedges around the location
Avoid any actions or allowing others to take any actions that would decrease the performance of the solar system, such as building or modifying structures that would shade the system
Prevent or not allow anyone else to control, move, remove, tamper, disable, displace or damage the solar system in any way that would affect its generating capabilities

Please note that Cerium Energy may choose to end this program at any time and without further notice. We will honor guaranteed savings requests submitted by customers who install a system before the program ends. Guaranteed savings cannot be assigned to other homeowners and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions or incentives. 

For full terms and conditions please view our Solar Savings Guarantee T&Cs on the link below